One Step Closer – Launching 2023

We want to create a sustainable design & development operation for sportswear. We aim to empower creativity with knowledge in research and development. Everything you see upto today is an experiment to create effective reliable methodology of actions based on design & development. ASAS came a long way to be ready for launch. In 2016 it became an idea, and year after year we saw ASAS progressing in creating a set of design and development methodologies and standards.

We are determined to offer something unique, ASAS footwear was designed and developed from scratch. We developed a new set of LASTS that have natural fit and compression with EEE width standard. Moving forward ASAS will always work to have a strong foundation of natural foot geometry to design it’s footwear. The comfiness of footwear is still debatable around the world, and ASAS will have mid to low cushioning. However we will work to provide special editions for our barefoot enthusiasts. Above all, we believe in natural behavior as ASAS footwear will have zero offset from heel to forefoot except for track footwear. We are working continuously to source out the latest technology in fabric to maximize performance and efficiency.

We went across the world from Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh to partner up with ethical manufacturing facilities to produce our designs. We are extremely cautious about the workforce that is working on our products, and we only select facilities with no illegal operations such as child labour, and forced labour.  We design our own with partnership from all designers across the global. Designers differ in thinking, and idea conceptualization. We believe opening up our doors to all designers will enhance and improve the creativity of our products. Plus, every designer will be featured in the product page for their contribution. Moreover, We are working seasonally to have the latest textiles that are highly functional, and durable. Off course, Don’t forget to follow the washing instruction tag please.  :)

As we are working to create an ecosystem of ASAS products, you will get to buy backpacks, bags, bottles , and other exciting sport gears to complete your set, and be ready for action. ASAS is an arabic word that means foundation, and we live by the word. We love sports and that’s what made it happen, and your voice is our engine to always design & develop. We will share all of our methodologies and standards to be an open source in the right time for all designers, and developers to use & contribute.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or comment.



Believe | 2023

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