Recycling Process Request:

  1. Submit Recycling Form 
  2. The recycling division will email you with all relevant information including your Recycling Number.
  3. You will include your recycling number in your recycling bag.
  4. Once checked by us, and verified. We will post your reward in your account.


  • Recycling reward points are based on one year cycle.
  • A user is only allowed to recycle once a year one time only.

Recycling approach by ASAS:

    1. Depending on material condition, if evaluated to be larger than stage 3 than it will be submitted to a third party to remake the material as deemed appropriate.

    2. Depending on material condition, if evaluated to be smaller then stage 3 then it will be checked for possible donation for less fortunate communities around the globe.
( Make sure it's an email you use with ASAS to receive your reward points)
Only ASAS product is accepted

Once we receive your request, we will be in touch with you by email to fulfill your recycling at your convenience.

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